Halcelemates Nigeria Limited


…we take dirt’s off your neighborhood!
  • Facility maintenance
  • Industrial and domestic Cleaning
  • Janitorial services
  • Building Maintenance services
  • Glass and Window Cleaning
  • After Event Clean-Up
  • Oil, Water Pollution Clean-up
  • Supply of Toiletries, Chemical and Sundry Items
  • Door to door waste collection
  • Waste evacuation and disposal from various generating points
  • Litters Control
  • Silt Removal 
  • Vegetation Control/ Garden Waste Cleaning
  • Fumigation and Pest Control
  • Evacuation of septic tanks / Liquid Waste
  • Bio or Clinical Waste
  • Street Sweeping & environmental cleaning
  • Health education and counseling
  • Waste recycling
  • Waste processing and converting
  • Energy generation (Land-fill gas to energy)
  • Electricals Maintenance
  • Water Systems
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Roof leakage
  • Security
  • Recycling facility construction
  • Solid waste dump-site erection
  • Gardening / Park construction
  • Construction of domestic septic waste dump
  • Construction of domestic solid waste collection points and disposal infrastructure
  • Construction of Galvanized community waste bins
  • Buildings and Public Utilities etc. 
  • Develop Waste Management Policies
  • Develop and implement strategic, sustainable climate change policies
  • Build and establish tool kits for establishment of climate change units or departments for organizations
  • Develop fifty (50) years clean and green program
  • Water clean up

Way Forward

The business of waste management is a very dynamic endeavor and so we shall employ and train our staff on the new techniques in waste collection, disposal, and equipment management. We shall also seek out ways to collaborate with appropriate authorities on health education and environmental cleaning. In the nearest future, we hope to partner with local and foreign organizations that best practice waste recycling so as to bring about the economic utility of the business. We believe that by the next few years, through our activities, the general public should have been enlightened enough to know how to properly dispose their waste to ensure a clean environment enhancing a healthy lifestyle. With strict compliance to government policies in regards to waste management, we hope that our organization will be second to none in the industry by engaging in our social responsibility of carrying out voluntary cleaning of public places occasionally and youth empowerment. We bid you come with us to the future, it is GREEN and GRAND. Welcome!