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…we take dirt’s off your neighborhood!


Halcelemates is a locally blended brand with international operating standards. Since 2010, Halcelemates has continuously offered waste management, industrial and domestic cleaning services to organisations across all sectors.

At Halcelemates, we are motivated with passion and desire to keep the Nigerian society clean, as they say “Health is wealth” we deeply understand that Hygiene is paramount to health and of course a healthy man gets wealthy. This is why we’re always on time and on points. We are being driven daily by demand for clean environment as this is basic prerequisite for international rating among countries of the world. Halcelemates in its perception is opined to uphold clean society.

Africa is rated the dirtiest continent by statistic. It is evidenced by the nature of dirt we see in our major streets, towns, markets and cities that more and intense efforts needs to be deployed to combat the huge waste emanating from our various usage. To ensure a clean society, we are enhanced with well trained professionals, sophisticated tools and improved techniques to promote and ensure that our cleanliness is next to godliness.

Giving the health problems posed by waste, the Company seeks to compliment the efforts of the government (local, state, & federal) in waste management at all levels. In doing this therefore, we shall endeavor to satisfy our various clients through prompt collection of waste (solid, liquid or chemical) and make efficient the core of our operations. Our desire is to see a clean, unpolluted and beautiful city as regards FCT and beyond.

We shall collaborate with the appropriate and interested authorities to achieve our vision. We strongly desire to enhance a progressive and profitable discussion at all level. The team believes that we have the responsibility and capability of contributing to the nation’s economy through Youth employment, empowerment and other improved social activities.

We are an organization with integrity, putting expertise into service, making the clients feel a sense of togetherness; we focus on the cleanness of the individual units, homes, organization and the larger society. We hope to work towards ensuring that the subset of the society is clean, thereby creating a cleaner and habitable environment.

In our social responsibilities, using our WAZOBIA medium we go to interlands and communities with no hope of waste evacuation in the next few years or absolute neglects such as Nyanya and Mararaba and render professional advice to customers and the public on what effect an improperly disposed waste can cause.

The essence for a clean society and ways of combating hygiene problems is a focal concern. Our continuous efforts to partner with government and other international waste management bodies will enhance our organizations’ future intension and involvement to manage these wastes through recycling and conversion into various economic uses i.e. fertilizers for agricultural uses, plastic manufacturing etc, which will further enhance economic growth.

Today is key as it births tomorrow, so we wouldn’t take chances for tomorrow to ask what we did yesterday to save the world of impending epidemics.


…We take the dirt’s off your neigbourhood

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Mission Statement

It is HALCELEMATES philosophy that “hygiene environment” enriches one’s life and with this in mind, the waste management company has developed and marketed various ways of reducing large waste pollution in the environment with the set aim “to collect waste product from our clients as at when due and converting them into other economic use that will be advantageous to the country via appropriate techniques powered by highly qualified and creative personnel”. 

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